Saturday, May 5, 2007


I am an abstract conceptualization of a twisted reality, I am a walking contradiction, I am a chameleon . . . which does not make anything I write here any less true. I am not here to tell stories or embellish things; I feel that my truth is entertaining enough. Though I remain anonymous for various reasons, both obvious and subtle, I can promise you that everything you may read here actually happened. I merely relate what I see and experience – I have no use for fiction.

I wish to remain anonymous, therefore I will give very few details that may “out” me to my readership. This was a tough decision; this choice was not made in haste, but made as a result of much introspection. I am no stranger to blogging. In my other life, my life as The Writer, I have divulged one too many truths which have been misunderstood by those whom I never wished to hurt. I was held accountable for these things – mere words on a page, meaningless pixels – and felt that I could no longer easily express what needed to be said. However I coded my words, however abstract and symbolic I became, I still feared that someone would be offended. This lack of freedom of expression was disheartening at best. This was not an exercise I wished to repeat. Though I keep the other blog as a vehicle for my more creative pursuits, I will only be posting frank tales of my life on this one.

A little about me, for those who may be interested:

I am in my mid-twenties. I feel that I am average looking, though I have been called beautiful too many times to count. I think my personality far outweighs my looks. I am about 5'6" and on the curvaceous side. I have long black hair and brown eyes. I will describe my self when necessary to the story, but unfortunately, I will not be posting any pictures of myself.

Some would say that I rely on my brains and my whiles far too much. These things, coupled with my ability to talk, are occasionally substitutes for old-fashioned hard work. I, however, see nothing wrong with this. I have been called arrogant so many times that I now consider it to be a compliment, as recognition for a job well done.

I work in an office in the manufacturing sector. I make decent money there, though as we all do, I wish I made more. I enjoy my job as I like the work I do and I have a lot of close friends in my coworkers. Of course there are a few I can’t stand.

I live with my boyfriend, who I will call Mark (not his real name, of course) and my cat Fluffy (also not her real name). We live in a rather nice duplex in the suburbs, though we are not your traditional happy family. I have a very diverse set of friends, who I will introduce as they come up – yes I will be changing their names, too, as it is not my wish to hurt anyone or cause anybody any undue embarrassment. We are not exactly saints, of course.

In case you were thinking otherwise, my life is not a fairy tale; I have never had anything handed to me for free. I was not born into privilege, but I am the author of my own situation. I consider myself lucky for making it as far as I have, but I know my fortunes have been the result of more than simple luck.

I have named this blog with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

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